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NEW Women’s & Unisex Hoodie

Featuring a crossover neck detail

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NEW Courchevel Range

For 2019/20 we are stoked to be continuing our partnership with SnowLimits Ski School who are based in Courchevel, France. Therefore, we have produced two Courchevel/Three Valleys designs, which range from t-shirts to hoodies.

For this range if you prefer another base colour t-shirt or hoodie which we already offer on other products, get in contact and we will produce this at no extra cost.

Fantastic quality, Great design and Brilliant ethics. What a combination
— Anne Bartlett, UK

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Peak Waterproof Backpack

The Peak Waterproof Backpack is for mountain climbs, food stashes, adventure essentials and pretty much anything else you need for your lifestyle.

We will offer the incentive that once you are finished with the backpack, send it back to us where we will recycle it into new products, gaining the most out of the material whilst not adding further to landfills. In return, we will provide a discount off of a new product as a thank you from us to you.

This incentive is one that you will be seeing launched across a number of our products, in a drive to limit the amount of material which is added to landfill sites across the UK every week.

Absolutely love my AWOL Hoodie. It has everything you need in a hoodie. Baggy. Fantastic Quality. Large hood. (Which can fit over a Helmet!) Thumb holes on the sleeves, and even a pocket within a pocket! For the price, this beats a lot of other hoodies hands down. I won’t be needing to shop anywhere else now. I found my perfect supply.
— Luke Rowland, Japan
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Mental Health

Mental Health is incredibly important, and something we are passionate about representing in a pro-active and positive light. As a conversation, it affects the mountain sports industry and unfortunately we have witnessed it recently within the snowsports industry.

We have created designs for the 2019/20 winter season which have two meanings - One can be read from a mountain industry perspective, and from the other it can be read with a reference to a mental health meaning. Aiming to raise the conversation in a more inclusive manner, rather than segregating it. This is approach is a work in progress, and something which we will continue to work on for years to come.


The AWOL clothing range is such high quality, don’t think my daughter has had a warmer hoodie for snowboarding in! She rides in the domes at least twice a week and they still look like new & wash brilliantly. The t-shirt quality is fantastic too, soft cotton & no fade even after constantly being washed. Definitely recommended!
— Rachael Savage, UK

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